Sunday, January 4, 2015


winter has officially decided to come and it has started snowing just enough to make it slippery. i dislike snow but at the same time its nice because its finally gonna be cold enough for it to kill some of the germs. we have gotten lucky and lexi hasn't gotten the flu thats been going around. which is good since i'v been worried about if she would catch it. school starts back on tuesday and i think shes ready for it since she has been out of her routine for 2 weeks now. im hoping she will start being happier again once shes in school. they did finally find her a new teacher since her teacher quit to go work in another class room. im just hoping shes a good fit and will be great with lexi like the other teacher was. the best part is her para will still be there so she will see her and hopefully her para can help her adjust to a new teacher. shes been cranky today and im for one ready for her to go to bed lol. hope everyone has a great sunday

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