Friday, January 2, 2015

over a month

over a month since iv updated and alot has happened. first of all lexis doing good. she started phenobarbital and has responded well to it. she was suppose to go dec 18th to rileys to do the ketogenic diet clinic but the dr had an emergency so now we have to wait until feb 17th before she can go down. it would have been this month but i have to have surgery so i had to postpone clinic til then. shes done really good in school and had a good christmas. she has been having more accidents so i think its time to figure out whats going on with that.  as for me im having surgery on the 13th on my ankle and i wont be able to bear weight for up to 8 weeks. its gonna be very hard on me but im anxious to not be in pain anymore.hope everyone had a great christmas and new years

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