Friday, November 21, 2014

when seizures become a part of life

we went to riley childrens hospital on thursday to see lexis neuro down there. we knew going down there that there was little options left to treat her epilepsy as thats what her neuro close to home has said. we went with an open mind. first all the neuro was happy with the way lexi looked this time. much better than in july when her body was rejecting her vns. she went over her meds and said the only meds left for us to try is phenobarbital and dilantin. she was going to start her on pheno but i then asked about the ketogenic diet. reason i asked was because its not meds and its a diet and could possibly help. she said it wont help with the focal seizures but her other types it might. so we go back in 3 weeks to the keto clinic and talk to the dieticians. im hoping we can at least try it so we can say we have tried everything. i understand it can be part of lexis life that she will always have seizures but i dont ever want to give up on her. i want to know i have tried everything

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