Friday, July 18, 2014

surgery is sooner

this tuesday we went and saw lexi's surgeon who placed her vns. he took one look and said he for sure wants it out and sooner if better. so we scheduled her surgery for thursday the 24th i believe. i just know its this coming thursday lol. he has booked the or for 2 hrs and hopefully it will be outpatient. if for some reason she needs to be inpatient he will have to have her transported to the hospital since he is doing the surgery at the surgery center instead of the hospital. the dr also decided to put her back on antibiotics in hopes that if it is infected it will help. im nervous for the surgery but hopeful this will help her feel better. wednesday we went and saw the dietician and she said that even though lexi has gain a little weight she needs more so we are still doing 2 feeds through the gtube. we are hoping by august 5th she will have gained back the weight she has lost. we will see though.

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