Thursday, July 24, 2014

surgery is done and a lesson

lexi did good during surgery. the surgeon was able to take the whole wire out of her neck. he thought he was gonna have to leave some in since it was coiled around her vagus nerve but he was actually able to get it out. he also opened up her chest incision and when he opened it up there was a ball of grannulation tissue so he removed that as well and cleaned it up. she's in pain but doing ok. the surgeon when he came to talk to me said that hes thinking of writing this up because hes never encountered it before. i told him he should because it would be a learning experience for people. i told him if there was a first for something then my child would have to be the one to do it. the lesson i hope he learned though is i hope he learns to listen to parents better. i may not be a dr but im with my daughter and i know when something isnt right. when this whole thing began i told him and the neurologist that something wasnt right. how do you go from no gran mals in 2 yrs to the worst ones iv ever seen. their answer was oh its her epilepsy getting worse. true her epilepsy is bad but the infection made it worse and they made her suffer. and then when i asked him to just take the leads out hes like we dont want to do that incase she wants to use the vns when she gets older. if shes allergic i highly doubt there is a chance she will be getting another vns placed. now let me say hes not a bad surgeon. he does listen i think he just wasnt exactly sure what to do. i felt at ease when i sent her into the or with him and i know he did what was best for her.


  1. Ohmygosh, poor, sweet girl... I hope her recovery is swift! (((hugs)))