Saturday, July 5, 2014

long week

on monday night we lost power from the storms we had. we assumed we would get power on tuesday but unfortunatly we didn't get it back on until friday afternoon. let me tell you as soon as we got power i started jumping for joy. i can do without tv but not electric or water. on wednesday we headed down to rileys for an appointment with an epilepsy specialist. unfortunatly that appointment was very nerve wracking. first the dr was behind then she came in and freaked out on how many seizure meds shes been on and how shes not even on the right seizure meds for generalized epilepsy. but the thing that pissed her off the worst was her vns site. she totally freaked out went off on me saying i needed to stand in the surgeons office and not leave until something was done. sad thing is iv been trying to get something done but the surgeon is taking his sweet time. anyways she gets mad and calls the surgeons office herself. well the surgeon wasnt in the office and she went off on the nurse and hung up. the nurse calls me and asks me what does that dr want done. i told her she wants it removed asap and the nurse said well the surgeon is out of town for a week and he has nothing sooner that the 28th. i then ask what about antibiotics since they are pretty sure its infected. so the nurse calls the surgeon before he gets on the plane and he puts her on batrum. we also see the physician assistant on tuesday to see if the surgeon needs to find a day sooner to remove the vns leads. the antibiotics arent helping but if its staph that antibiotic wont work. the epilepsy specialist did say though we are to wean her off vimpat and start her on lamictal so we are doing that and will see her again in 4 months. glad something is being done for her epilepsy

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