Sunday, July 20, 2014

back from the er

so friday lexi was really tired acting well around 430 her incision on her neck swelled up with puss. then less than 5 minutes later it busted. so i called the after hours number for her surgeon and they called me back 20 minutes later. he told me to just put a bandaid on it and put some bacitracen on it. well saturday it was bleeding and was hard to keep a bandaid on it . i figured eventually it would stop bleeding. well this morning lexi woke me up at 530 and was covered in blood. so i put gauze on it and took her to the hospital. the er dr cultured it, took blood work and called the surgeon. her surgeon said we need to be patient and wait until thursday when he can remove the leads from her neck. the culture shows she still has staph so they switched her antibiotic to keflex and sent us home. i'm so over this staph and the whole wound not even healing. im praying that when they remove the leads that her body can finally heal the way it needs to.

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