Saturday, June 21, 2014

strep infection ugh

so a few days ago lexi got what i thought was a diaper rash. so i started using cream and even antifungal cream when the diaper rash meds weren't working. well wednesday night it got so bad she started crying and was bleeding from it so i got her into her pediatrician on thursday. her dr took one look at it and was like thats strep. i didnt know you could get strep on your body but i guess so. so now lexi is on 10 days of antibiotics. just frusterated since she just got over a staph infection last month and now has strep. other than that lexi has been good. shes in a phase where she has to change clothes 20 times a day no joke. its annoying but at least she puts the clothes back in the drawer instead of in the dirty laundry lol. shes also not sleeping at night not sure what is going on with that but hopefully she begins to sleep again since the less sleep she gets the more seizures she has.


  1. The other thing I've learned about diaper rash is to let it air/dry out! Either let her run around for even 10 minutes without pants/undies. She can just play in her room-or run around in the backyard, or just stay in the bathroom and dance. Air will dry it out.
    If it gets really bad (like it obviously did!), you can get some Domeboro. It's little packets of powder you mix with water. Use a soft cloth, dip it in the solution, and gently pat on her bottom. If you mix it in a jar and use a clean cloth each time, it'll last at least a day. There are several packets inside to make more if it happens again. : ) Then the skin dries out, and kinda resists moisture for a while! Our dr. recommends it for diaper rash..but mostly virus poop! : O
    I really hope you get things figured out..that open wound did NOT sound good!! Hopefully the leads will survive. Hugs to you : )

    1. unfortunatly the leads arent staying in. surgery to remove them is tentively july 28th unless they feel it needs to come out sooner