Saturday, June 28, 2014

drama follows me

so on wednesday we went to the children's hospital to have an 24 hr eeg. that went fine we caught 3 seizures so thats good. the drama part comes from the vns incisions again. wednesday her neck started to look nasty and her chest started to swell around her incison. the neuro team at the childrens hospital called infectious disease. infectious disease came up saw her and called to the hospital in our home city and got the records from the last time. based on that their consenses is that the leads are infected and they need to come out. and the reason her chest is swelled is that their is a pocket of infection there as well. well they called neurosurgery and neurosurgery cant take them out the surgeon has to. they called the surgeon and he told them to tell me to call and get her scheduled. i assumed she would be getting them out sooner like this week but nope he scheduled her for the 28th of july. so then i called the neurology nurse and told her and she is going to talk to the vns rep and the surgeon on monday and see if she cant either get him to remove them pronto or put her on antibiotics. the thought is that its staph infection like before and if she doesnt get it taken care of shes going to get really sick. my thought as well but i cant seem to get the stupid surgeon to listen to me. ugh

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