Sunday, June 15, 2014

another month gone by

im not good at keeping up with this blog as you can tell but then again i doubt many people read what i write  anyways. since the last time i wrote lexi has stayed out of the hospital. shes had seizures but they are controllable. we had to take her off of depakote and switch her to topamax because of the major anger issues caused by depakote. it was horrible iv never seen lexi act the way she did on depakote. we are scheduled for a 24 eeg down at the childrens hospital on the 25th and then we see a intractable epilepsy dr on july 3rd. im anxious but hopefully we will get more answers soon. this week we see the neuro and developmental ped and i have a few things i want to talk to her developmemtal dr about so its good that the appointment is this week. besides all of that she has finished her first year in kindergarten. she will be going and repeating it again next year in hopes she will progress enough. im glad its summer and that shes able to have some fun. not sure why the other pics on my blog disappeared but i will be posting some

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