Wednesday, May 7, 2014

just when things couldnt get worse they did

two weeks ago i noticed lexi's vns incisions start to swell. i took her into the surgeons office and he said he never seen anything like it but it was probably a reaction to the dermabond they used but as a precaution they put her on cephalexin. then over the weekend it got worse and last monday it actually opened and started bleeding. we went back to the surgeons office and seen the physician assistant since the surgeon was in surgery. he told me he wasnt sure what it was but to come back the next day to see the surgeon. went back tuesday and the surgeon said it looks better and it will be ok as long as you put antibiotic cream on it. well wednesday the 30th lexi had a 6 minute tonic clonic seizure at school so i had to leave work and pick her up. a few hours i decided to check her incision on her neck and when i peeled the dressing off her leads to her vns was out of her neck. so i hurried packed up a bad and rushed her to the childrens hospital 40 minutes away. once there they admitted her and got her ready for surgery the next day. thursday she had a 2 hr surgery to remove the vns generator and put the leads back in her neck. they also put a wound vac on her incision on her chest to help it heal faster. when they took the generator out they found puss around it and took cultures of both incisions. once done with surgery they gave her antibiotics and called the infectious disease dr to come and see what antibiotics would be helpful. we pretty much just continued to give antibiotics until saturday when the results were in that she has staph aureus infection. the infectious disease dr decided to have her get a picc line in on sunday so she could get antibiotics for a month. so now she has 2 antibiotics in which will be given for 30 days straight. we are hoping to save the leads but the infectious disease dr wasn't to happy that they kept them in. we was released on monday after getting everything set up to come home. we have 2 appointments today one with infectious disease dr and one with the neurologist and then tomorrow we have a wound care appointment and a followup with the surgeon. to say the least im very upset that the surgeon didnt listen to me when i told him something was wrong. lexi didnt deserve this to happen.

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