Monday, April 14, 2014

seizures are very unpredictable

so last week was just hard lexi had more seizures but nothing we couldnt handle. she had her vns increased twice last week to try and get them under control. friday however she decided to change it up. we went to therapy and during occupational therapy she said she had to use the restroom which is no big deal. she went in and shut the door and i left her be. a minute or so later i decided to go check on her because i didnt hear her which is odd. opened the door and found her sprawled across the toilet. my first thought was lexi get off the toilet and stop messing around. well when she didnt respond i picked her up and saw she was seizing. so i pulled her pants up and took her to the therapy room and laid her on the mats. she continued to have a seizure for over 5 minutes and she kind of rested for another 15 but after that was fine like nothing happened. this just tells us we now have to be even more careful and watch her very carefully.

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  1. Bless her heart. Bless your heart. That must be incredibly hard. My daughter's fifth grade teacher's daughter has many, many seizures. It has been really tough to get the right medicines at the right doses to keep them in check. When they get really bad, she's admitted to the hospital, and they rework a new medication plan. It's so hard on both of them, so I can imagine you are going through a similar situation. Have you found any groups online that blog about seizure disorders? It can be a bit comforting to find people who feel the same things you do. : )
    You do have to watch her more carefully, so watch yourself too. Be sure to have someone give you a break so you can take care of you and get rest. Hugs. : )