Monday, April 7, 2014

scary event

its been a month since i blogged. i have tons of things to update just never enough time to. lexi had the vns place on march 24th to help control the seizures. when we placed it we couldnt have the vns be turned on because she needed 2 weeks to heal. well fast forward to thursday. thursday night things was going ok she went to sleep around 630 not a big deal. around 845 i went to check on her like i always do and she was having a gran mal seizure. that one wasn't a big deal i timed it and once it ended i went to take a shower thinking that i didnt need to worry about another seizure for a while. well when i got out of the shower i went to check on her again and found her in another gran mal. i timed that one and i thought it was over and went to message my friend back. i had just sent the message and heard lexi start coughing when i went running in there. when i got to her room she was in a full blown tonic clonic. she starts shaking very violently and went blue on me so i ran got my phone and called 911. they came and gave her ativan which stopped the seizure as she seized for over 40 minutes. we had her taken to the closest hospital where her heartrate was over 200 at one point. that hospital called the childrens hospital and they had us transported to that hospital as thats where her neurologist is at. friday the neurologist came in and turned the vns on early and upped her banzel. she has had a few seizures but nothing like thursdays. we upped her vns today in hopes to keep working on getting it at the right setting. this just shows that epilepsy is very unpredictable and can change in a heart beat

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