Sunday, March 2, 2014


time is getting away from me. february 19th lexi turned 6. she had a good birthday and got lots of new toys. she is learning her letters and is learning to copy them when she sees the letter. she is almost potty trained finally. the only problem is her bowel movements. usually she does really good and goes in the potty all the time but here lately shes been going in her pants. now for health update. she had her eeg on the 17th. they found slowing of her brain and she had spikes in her central and temporal lobe. they said that if she would have been hooked up longer she probably would have spiked in her frontal lobe as well. usually she only spikes in her frontal lobe so that was a little dishartening. we did decide to start weaning her trileptal because we arent sure if its helping her at all so we will get her off of that soon. we meet with the doctor who will put the vns in on the 11th and hopefully get a date for the vns placement. we then see her neurologist again the 12 as well to see if we can start weaning the trileptal pm dose. the 18th we will have an mri to check the cyst in her brain one last time just to make sure thats not a reason for increased seizures.

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