Wednesday, February 12, 2014

neurology appt and ent

so we went and saw lexi's neurologist . she increased banzel to 3ml,3ml and 10 mls. lexi has an eeg on monday and then she sees her neurologist again the 25 for results of eeg. at that follow up she will then talk about referring us to the person who will do the vns. now for ent. the new ent is very nice. she said that she needs to get the sleep study and look at the video from the bronchoscopy. she said that the sound i hear when lexi is sleeping is her obstructing and that she needs to gather all information before scheduling surgery. she said the surgery will require a hospital stay and thats why she wants to make sure it will benefit lexi. she also said that its a possibility that her chin is small which is causing her to obstruct at night. hopefully after next week she will make a decision

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