Tuesday, November 5, 2013

what im thankful for

since i'm not into the whole lets write what we are thankful for everyday i figure i would make it one blog post. first of all im thankful for the wonderful maker of this earth. God is truely amazing and im glad to follow him and raise my daughter to know him. 2nd of all im thankful for my mom. without my mom i wouldnt be the woman i am today. she is my best friend and she is there when i need her. she also is the one who rents her house to me and watches my daughter after school. im thankful i have a wonderful daughter who is amazing despite all her challenges. im thankful for her doctors her therapist her school and bus driver they are part of the group we have. they keep her going and me going. im thankful for my friends. my friends seem to care much more than some of my family and im truely thankful for that. im thankful for the friends who have came with me to appointments have waited with me during hard and trying times with lexi and also have been there to just listen. despite everything if it wasnt for god we all wouldnt be here so i believe he is the one im most thankful for.

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