Monday, November 4, 2013

special needs and people who dont understand

i think i have some jealousy of people who have kids that dont have special needs. i was talking to my friend and she said her son got to go with his aunt and uncle for the weekend. it got me thinking that if i ever wanted lexi to go anywhere with anyone i would have to teach them how to give her meds through the g tube, i would have to teach them about her seizures and the types she has. i would also have to make sure they knew to give her her meds at the same time because if your late or miss a dose she can have more seizures. dont get me wrong she is a blessing but its just the thought of having someone keep her overnight that is exhausting. i guess thats why i keep her close to me and with me. i dont get the people who complain about their kids on facebook or go out and party every weekend. its like if you didnt want to have a kid why would you,

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