Saturday, November 2, 2013

loving life

so since the last time i blogged we went and saw her neurologist. she has spikes in her frontal lobe that then moves to being generlized. so that means she still has seizures. so because of the fact that we upped her keppra and her aggressive behaviors we have decided to start trileptal at 2ml. then on the 14th we will go back to the neurologist and start to wean keppra. to wean a med makes me nervous. im nervous that if we start weaning shes either going to have bad withdrawls or shes going to have an increase in seizures. but i guess we will deal with that in a couple weeks. as for parent teacher confrences shes doing good in school. we got an i pad for her to use at school with the proloquo app on it. we are hoping she can start to learn how to use it to communicate better with her peers and the teacher. i know the teacher gets frustrated because she doesnt understand what lexi wants or is trying to say. i can relate to that but with me i'v became accustomed to learning her ques to what shes trying to say. other than that we went trick or treating on thursday which went good. she walked the whole way and only complained about wanting to be carried towards the end. which is normal for her but im glad she pushed herself to do it. shes been sleeping more especially at night which is awesome but im waiting for the ball to drop. i know she wont continue to do it unless she was having seizures at night and since we started a 3rd med it has helped her sleep. guess we wont know for a while if it was that or if shes in her phase of sleeping again. ill try to blog more but its hard to remember to blog.

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