Saturday, October 12, 2013


lexi is doing well in school. Wednesday she had a sedated eeg and that was difficult. she had 2 doses of the sedative and she still woke up fighting the nasal cannula. she had a 20 sec apnea event where she stopped breathing as well but overall i guess it went well. Wednesday night she had a few more seizures but i didn't think anything about it. Thursday night she had 7 so i called neuro on Friday and she upped the keppra to 6mls 2x day, use diastat as needed, have blood work done on Monday and see neuro on Thursday. plus on Tuesday we have parent teacher conferences so this week will be fun.yesterday we went and picked up her special needs car seat which is totally cool. iv never seen a car seat so nice like she has now. much better and now i don't have to worry about her escaping. plus it helps with her low tone as well

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