Saturday, September 28, 2013

about lexis special needs

when lexi was 2 and a half she was diagnosed with autism,sensory processing disorder, hypotonia and behavior disorder. i thought that was bad and nothing could scare me. fast forward a year later when she first had her seizure. that right there scared the daylights out of me. i honestly didnt know what to do when she had her seizure. i was going to call my mom but instead called 911. and then witnessing her have multiple seizures that night scared me even worse. the fact that i was at the dr office holding her when she had another one as well scared me. but even then i dont think i quite understood that this is what we was gonna be dealing with. i heard about epilepsy but never thought it would happen to my child. since the day she was diagnosed 9-19-11 iv never slept that far away from her since her seizures happen at night. i worry everyday when shes at school just because i know seizures can happen anywhere. since the diagnosis of epilepsy she now has a diagnosis of apraxia, and asthma. she takes 2 seizure meds 2 times a day, a antacid, inhaler, vitamin and allergy pill. she has a g tube so we know shes getting her meds on time and its no longer a fight. she may have many diagnosis but shes an amazing little girl with a lot of strength and will power

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