Thursday, July 18, 2013

might just finally get results

so this morning i got a phone call from lexi the nurse at the  developmental dr office. she asked me if i knew lexi was referred to genetics and have a appointment on tuesday. i said no and asked why we was being referred once again to this genetecist. lets back up and give u a little back ground. we saw this genetecist like 2 yrs ago and they couldnt find anything so we moved on. in january of this year we saw a gentetics dr down at the children's hospital because they test for more than this dr. so when i asked why we was being rereffered i had all reasons to. the nurse said its because of the results from the chromosomal  microarray test they did in june. i almost forgot they even did the test because honestly figured if i hadnt heard anything by now then the results was normal. guess not so now on tuesday we will find out what they found. im kinda nervous but anxious. hopefully its helpful news and something that will make us go oh wow thats whats wrong with her. i will post the answers when i get them on tuesday

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