Monday, June 24, 2013

summer is officially here

summer is here which means that it is getting hotter. on Friday i called her pulmonologist and they put her on an inhaler in hopes it will help her breathing at night. i can definitely tell when she is on asthma meds because she doesn't cough and is breathing so much better. this also means that she has a hard time breathing during the day when it is hot outside so she only plays for a little while before she comes in and takes a break. she hasn't been sleeping well again. guess i should have seen that coming. its like a cycle that keeps on repeating. she was suppose to have a sleep study done last monday but she refused to get hooked up so we came home and i requested to try somewhere else that might have more experience with special needs kids. so we are being referred an hour and a half away. dont have a date yet but hopefully soon we will. next sunday we are going on a trip so hopefully she does well on the trip

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  1. Lillian is on asthma meds year round. She only used albuterol as needed, but is on a daily inhaled steroid.