Sunday, June 2, 2013


well lexi had a virus that resulted in her puking over 5 times very violently. poor girl just wanted to sleep instead of getting sick. then to top it off i have lost my voice and lexi thinks its funny when i try to talk to her because my voice sounds very funny. sad to say i have never had my voice sound this way but i guess this year i get sick with the weird things. other than sickness going around lexi is doing good. shes been talking more since she got the ear tubes placed. you still can't totally understand her but its getting better. her seizures are still occurring but hopefully the nurse practitioner will either up her med even more or try a new med. so hard watching her have a seizure. her anger issues are still happening very often. i have noticed a new symptom where she starts sweating for absolutely no reason or she becomes very clamy like her body cant regulate her temp. its very odd

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