Saturday, March 2, 2013


Sunday Lexi got sick and i couldn't get her fever to break for nothing. she had it from friday night til monday so i took her into the er where they gave her some cough medicine to help her stop coughing so much and they also did a x ray which showed nothing. The doctor looked in her ear said it was infected so he gave her an antibiotic as well. well two days later she was still coughing very bad plus her g tube look infected so i took her back into the er and all they did was change her antibiotic to something stronger. So for now we are just waiting for her to get better hopefully soon. Yesterday we had therapy and all her therapists said she is regressing. They aren't sure if it's due to the sickness or what but shes very clumsy, very tired/pale and her speech is not as well as it had been. Hopefully it's just the sickness making everything worse but with her you never know. We also had her yearly hearing test and she is hearing worse than she was last year but that's probably because they found out her ears are full of fluid. So now sometime soon we will most likely be looking at getting tubes placed. It kinda upsets me because it seems like here lately she has had to go through a lot but at the same time i'm glad its just fluid in her ears and not permanent hearing loss. So thats a good thing.

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  1. I take ear infections over hearing loss every time :) Hugs to Lexi. I hope you get some rest