Tuesday, March 26, 2013

lexi's story of epilepsy

Lexi was lucky to not have seizures up until the summer of 2011. Why she all of a sudden developed seizures we have no clue. in september of 2011 she was cranky the whole day. so i ended up putting her to bed and i was laying down playing on the computer when all of a sudden i heard her make a choking noise and i got up turned on the light and there on the floor she was having a seizure. it scared me shitless excuse my french. i called the ambulance and we went to the hospital only to be released shortly after from what they called a febril seizure. i brushed it off came home and slept on the floor with her. the whole rest of the night she constintly had seizures one after the other. i made an appointment with her pediatrician and we went in. the doctor tried to give her some medicine to get her fever down and when that didnt work we undressed her and put cool rags on her. she started seizing shortly after the dr walked out the door. the dr ran back in and said we needed to be admitted that she was calling for an ambulance. they never did figure out what her fever was from that time. we stayed at the hospital for one night and got sent home. fast forward two weeks later. me lexi my friend and her father went to the park so lexi could spend some time with her dad. we had just started walking back towards the car when i heard a loud plunk. i looked back and there was lexi seizing. i grabbed her and yelled for someone to call 911. i will never forget all the children there at the park looking scared.anyways during that hospital visit they decided to try to do a cat scan but that didnt work so they put her on kepra and scheduled her for an mri a couple days later. during her first mri they found a cyst on her brain which they don't know what it is. since the inital seizures shes had more. shes now on 3.5ml of kepra 2 times a day. because of her not wanting to take her meds she has had a g tube place and since then her seizures have been under control. i will never ever forget the moment i had to watch my daughter seize.here she is today sporting purple to help raise awareness


  1. Oh my that is scary. I'm so glad the meds are working. Thanks for sharing your story with us today. Heather

  2. I can't even imagine how scary that must have been for you! She is one tough little cookie under her sweet face!

    1. thank you she sure is one tough little girl. but then again so is your little boy