Friday, March 15, 2013

iep meeting for kindergarten

The meeting for the iep for kindergarten went Ok I guess. I honestly don't believe they have dealt with special needs kids like Lexi before. Her kindergarten teacher when i asked if she knows sign language she laughed and said thats not something shes gonna learn. How do you expect to teach a child with communication issues and not know how to know what she is saying. Then i asked about how many kids are gonna be in a class and what happens if lexi cant handle it and the teacher and the principal says well kids in kindergarten are loud so guess she will have to deal with it.seriously i don't think they truely understand sensory processing disorder. they are willing to let Lexi go somewhere and rest if she needs to. so that's a good thing. To top it off i asked about an aid for lexi and the principal said there will be someone in the class but not someone who is working one on one with her. that makes me worry because i was hoping for a para who would work with lexi one on one and be able to help her when needed. i guess she could suprise me and do really good in school but still shes so far behind and needs extra help that i honestly don't believe shes gonna get at the school shes assigned to go to.


  1. Is there a resource teacher or a resource room she could spend time in? Do they have a special education class that she may be able to split her time in? The smaller class sizes there and more 1:1 interactions would make it much easier for her to learn and cope with some of of the sensory stuff. You also may want to send them some information about SPD. It would do a teacher a LOT of good to know that kind of thing. Good luck!

  2. they don't want to put her in a special education class. i feel she needs to but i guess they don't want to. heck they are quiting her ot sessions at school because the ot thinks shes caught up. mind you her ot at private therapy believes shes no where near being caught up so i dont understand that. i will definetly get info about the spd for the teacher to read up on. i believe it might help her. thanks i think i need all the luck we can get for next year

  3. Wow, usually schools are pushing to get our kids out of GenEd and into SpEd! So glad they'd want to keep her in GenEd, but I'm willing to bet they'd realize pretty quickly into the school year that it's not in *anyone's* best interest to see her struggle at some things. Can you contact the school system's dept. of SpEd for advice/help?

    1. they were there at the meeting but i think it has to do with funding or something. i hate to request her to be put on the headstart bus just so she doesnt get put on a bus with no seat belts. i truely dont get it at all