Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013 plus some

So today was a good day. I got lexi some bubbles,chalk and sandbox toys for her Easter bucket. I decided to go small because 1. Easter isn't about gifts its about Jesus rising from the grave and 2. she really doesn't need anything but stuff to do outside. We went to church and then in the afternoon we went to my moms house and ate dinner and hung out. I rode my first 4 wheeler today and that was fun. She did start to freak out with everyone there but after a while she was OK being there. Its hard seeing her not being able to fully enjoy being around other kids. I did find out on Friday she is being referred to the ENT so her appointment for that is April 15th. I'm just ready to get this done and over with. I just hope she doesn't suffer any hearing loss due to her ear drums bursting twice. Good news is her g tube is starting to look better so i'm thinking on Thursday i'll be able to schedule her endoscopy to switch her peg tube to the mic-key button. I'll be happy to not have the extension constantly  hooked up like it is with the peg tube. Spring is almost here. We have had some beautiful days in the 50's but tomorrow and tuesday it looks like its only suppose to be 36 which sucks. I'm ready for the windows to be open and the sun to be shining again. Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.