Wednesday, March 20, 2013

ear infection/ sleepy

So on Saturday Lexi started to complain about her ear hurting. So we gave her Tylenol and she slept a lot. she woke up on Sunday morning doing OK but by afternoon she was sleeping once again and complaining of her ear hurting. so Monday i took her in to the doctor and she has another busted ear drum. mind you she had a busted ear drum in January as well. so my question is how does she get 2 really bad ear infections that bust her ear drum I just don't understand. last night she slept from 6:50 to 5:30 this morning. I'm glad shes getting sleep but I think its her body's reaction to sleep when ever shes in pain or don't feel good. Today we have an appointment with her gi to hopefully schedule the switch from the peg tube to a mic-key button or mini button. Hopefully it will be soon and hopefully we will get in with an  ent soon as well to schedule getting tubes in. I'm just praying with 2 busted ear drums within 3 months of each other that she doesn't have any hearing loss. I know its rare but my father lost his hearing due to a ear infection so now I'm causious when it happens with lexi.

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