Sunday, March 10, 2013

allergies in the winter?

so i took lexi to the doctor on friday since shes still coughing alot and has a snotty nose. well the doctor came in and said it sounds like allergies. its possible it could be allergies im just hoping she gets relief soon. the doc put her on zrytec and it does seem to help some so thats a plus. the doc also said if shes not better in 3 months then she will send her for allergy testing. i honestly don't want that but i will do what ever helps her. still don't have an appointment with a ent hoping they will schedule that appointment tomorrow so that we can be seen soon and have tubes placed. on to other news we will be having the case conference soon to get her ready for kindergarten. but from the sounds of it the teacher don't think she needs the special help and she will do just fine. my fear is that shes already regressing in speech and other areas of development that she does need more help. shes not even any where near potty trained. its not from lack of trying either because lord knows we have tried so many times to get her potty trained. she just seems to lose interest or regresses to where she doesnt want to go on the potty anymore. well have a great week

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