Sunday, February 24, 2013

genetics appointment

Well Friday we went and  saw the genetics doctor down at Riley's and they was very informative. Also very nice considering we was half an hour late because of the snow and ice we ran into heading down. The doctor said that while nothing stands out they are rechecking all her chromosomes because i guess they can detect things that other places cant. they also are going to rule out Rhett syndrome since she does have the autism and she has seizures. they said she would have a mild case of it if she did have it but they are pretty sure she doesn't. they are also checking for 3 specific genes that can cause developmental delays and seizures. they said that since Lexi is pretty healthy that its very hard to pin point anything by just looking at her. the geneticist said that we can continue to look for disorders if they don't find anything and that its my choice when we stop. overall i found them very helpful and hope they figure out what is going on with her. it may not change anything but it would be nice to know whats causing everything. Also on Friday we went to the children's museum which pretty much was a bust because between the lights and the noise it sent her into sensory overload and she cried and complained the whole time. I'v never seen her react to lights before so that was kind of strange in itself

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