Monday, February 4, 2013

g tube surgery

lexi had her g tube placed today. it went all good until we got into her room and then the nurse did something to her iv and it squirted blood everywhere. so then we had to go to the treatment room and fix her iv. she then got into her room and she cried for a good 2 hours before the doctor on call got her some pain meds. let me tell you i have never seen lexi in so much pain until today. i definetly was not prepared for the pain. the nurse also thinks she had some kind of reaction to the anestesthia as well. we had a roommate but he got to go home which from the sounds of it was good since they had been here for 6 days. after a nap she is now happy. we are now just waiting until the doctor tells us that it is safe for her to eat and just hang out until tomorrow

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  1. Post surgery was also awful for Matt. He has three surgeries in one though. While we were in the recovery room the nurse gave him three or four doses of pain meds because it was so bad. It is nice that Lexi can sleep. Matt can't sleep without meds so there was no sleep to help. I hope she is feeling better and you guys are home. Does she have a PEG tube? How is she doing with it?