Thursday, January 10, 2013

update on hospital visit

i honestly have to say i love parkview regional medical center. they are so friendly and the nurses actually care. i was told by the nurse this morning that they wanted to keep lexi because she was a quiet patient and they like the quiet patients to stay along time lol. during the stay she got a barbie, a stuff animal and a book. the book came from an organization called if you have time you should check out the website. very cool that they provide a book to children for free when they are admitted. i got to see lexis neurologist and not the nurse practitioner and she said because lexi had a seizure in september or october she must still be on meds so depending on the results from the video eeg they will decide what to do. i can not say enough about this hospital and the nurses. i mean the nurses and even the people who brought up the food and the cleaning lady was so very sweet. they treated lexi like a person and not like a child who doesnt matter. now i believe lexi has an ear infection because shes been crying in pain and saying her ears hurt. poor girl cant catch a break thats for sure.

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