Wednesday, January 23, 2013

kinda long update

so today lexi had her follow up mri. the neurosurgeon said it looks the same and that she will see her in one year and if its still the same size then we will not worry about it again. yay so happy to be able to move on from that. the neurosurgeon wasn't happy that they didnt get us into neurogenetics so now we have an appointment on feb 22nd with regular genetics and if we dont see the doctor that the neurosurgeon wants us to see then we will go to the appointment on march 25th. so hopefully we will get some answers about whats going on with her. while we was there i got the call from the gi's nurse and they scheduled the upper gi for friday at 7:45. and she said that for the g tube we will have to be there at 8am on feb 4th. plus on top of everything else lexi has therapy on friday and a dentist appointment. i also need to call at some point and make a eye doctor appointment for her and a hearing test just to make sure those are still good. 

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  1. Wow, that's a lot of stuff going on!! :-( I hope everything goes smoothly, and that she's back on track soon. Glad all went well with the neurosurgeon, too!