Wednesday, January 9, 2013


we are admitted and currently having the eeg done. Lexi fought like I knew she would but they got the leads on so hopefully they will catch something. The nurse practitioner came by and said once again that there is nothing they can do about her not taking her medicine but they are hoping they can catch something on the eeg. i hope so as well since i really don't want this to be a pointless admission. I do have to say I do like this hospital its very nice and they gave lexi an ariel barbie so she is increasing her barbie collection here latey. and they also gave her a stuff animal so that was nice of them. i can tell the nurses her cares for each patient because they treat lexi like a person and not like its just part of their job. my view from the room sucks though lol. its of the roof so not much to see lol. well that is all i guess. im bored but lexi is doing good and not trying to escape lol


  1. Oh, poor little thing!! I hope it's something that passes quickly and that you both get to go home soon! Could it be RSV?

  2. I am sorry you guys are admitted to the hospital. It sucks to be in patient. I hope they were able to get something helpful with the EEG and they can do something about the meds.