Friday, January 18, 2013

busy week ahead of us

Today is a day of doing laundry and just relaxing. Surprisingly Lexi didn't have therapy today because they had some kind of meeting so all therapies were cancelled. So for the first time in a very long time me and Lexi are just relaxing today. Its nice since next week is going to be very busy. I work Monday then Tuesday Lexi has school and has an appointment with her developmental doctor. Then on Wednesday we have to travel down to Riley's for an mri and to see her neurosurgeon. Then Thursday is back to school for Lexi and work for me. Friday is a day of therapy and a dentist appointment for Lexi as well. so next week is super busy. This week has gone good though I got her progress report and she is progressing very well. Speech however is very difficult for her. They say she understands more than she can say which i believe is very true. Still no word on the results of the eeg last week but we will probably get the results the 29th when we go to the follow up appointment with her neurologist. Another thing new this week is she refuses to go to sleep now until very late. last night it was after 1030 and she was up early. Not sure whats going on with the sleeping schedule

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