Friday, December 28, 2012

video eeg/christmas

Christmas was ok. spent time with family and lexi ended up being in a grouchy mood so i had to deal with that.actually im still dealing with her grouchy ness and she doesn't want to sleep at night for me. i called the neurologist because she has started this rapid eye blinking here in the past couple days and they now said they are going to set up a video eeg. i honestly doubt they will get anything on the eeg because really i never know when she is going to have a seizure. and the blinking i believe its a tic that she has now developed. my guess is they will not do anything about her not taking her meds since they want her to have the video eeg. i dont understand doctors around here at all. i mean do they honestly think they are gonna keep lexi in a room for 24 hours with leds on her head. i doubt it because i know how she acts. i may sound negative but i honestly don't try to be but i know how my daughter is and i know how she will react because everytime we have gone to the hospital she acts the same way. i'll just be praying they catch something so they can help her out. i have no idea why my pics are on top instead of underneath this update but there are a few pics from christmas and her field trip she went on.

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