Monday, December 31, 2012

good bye 2012

well so much has happened in 2012. lexi has had tons of doctor appointments and only 1 hospital admission which turned out nothing was wrong. we thought we would get answers to what is going on with her in february but nope we are still searching. she has made progress with her speech but she is still very delayed. she got the diagnosis of apraxia which explains alot about her trouble with speech. good things that happened is she transitioned from my room to her room and into a twin size bed. she also learned how to ride her bike and sign please thank you and help. her anger issue is still a problem but shes finally getting behavior help. another big thing is she started daycare and has done really good with it. my goals for next yr is im praying we get answers with the genetisist and for me to lose weight and get fit. so heres to a new year and a new beginning

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