Saturday, October 27, 2012

medicine changes

i think i finally got all lexi's medicine changed to pill form and wow its so much easier to get her to take her meds with them being in pill form. although i have to go back to cvs to get 2 more of her prescriptions because her doctor didn't tell me she was switching her last 2 meds to pills until last night at 8. i think just this week iv been to cvs now 3 times and probably a 4th time if they dont refill her one prescription today. im proud of her though for being able to take her meds like a big girl now. one thing that is very concerning is her loose stools. it seems like she goes alot here lately. her doctor said to move her medicine to once a day instead of twice a day but that worries me because shes been sleeping better now since taking the med twice a day. i posted a pic of the amount of meds she now takes. minus the one med we are waiting for a refill, her melitonin she takes at night and her daily vitamin she takes.

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