Monday, October 22, 2012

friday's appointment

we went to rileys on friday and saw her endocrine doctor. first of all i have to say he is a really nice doctor and we are lucky to be able to see him. he actually apologized for not being able to see her when lexi was admitted in april. how many doctors apologize because they are not on call. not many around here. everything is going good shes actually growing now which is a good thing because in april when she was admitted she actually was only in the 10 percentile and now she has caught back up so hes not worried anymore. also when i gave him the test results from the testing the doctor up here did he wasn't to happy because he said the doctor up here did un neccessary testing on lexi and next time they want to do any endocrine testing he wants to be called first. he said he was gonna do some blood work but since they did unneccesary blood work that he wont put lexi through that until june when we go back. so thats a good thing now we dont have to go back down until january when we have an mri.

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